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Don't Feel Guilty!!

Life takes us outside the home on occasion and we need a safe, warm, loving place to leave our pets while we're away. You don't have to leave your pet in a loud kennel with cement floors where the lights are turned off at 6pm. You deserve peace of mind that your precious pet will be well loved and cared for. The dogs that stay at Zoey's House are treated like part of the family, that is the only way we would have it! We interact with our visitors like they are our own, in our own living room, on our furniture, sleeping with us at night, etc.

Creating a Special Place Requires Careful Screening ...

We are looking for very special dogs! At Zoey's House, we pride ourselves on creating a safe, loving environment where dogs can have fun and feel at home. This is so important to us!! We are looking for mild-mannered dogs who are very easy going, friendly and very comfortable and respectful of other dogs. We don't accept dogs who are pushy, overly dominant, aggressive, or overly fearful. When you return from your trip, we want you to feel assured that you will find your dog happy, comfortable and completely at ease in its surroundings.

We Cater to Small Dogs at Zoey's House ...

To help the dogs feel comfortable and on equal footing with the other dogs, all dogs at Zoey's House need to weigh 30 pounds or below. In unique situations, we might allow a slightly bigger dog if the dog is very calm and respectful.